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Java project issues

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by Shicky, 15 Apr 2010.

  1. Shicky

    Wise Guy

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    So as before im creating this program for my research team so that they can get a visual representation of circuits from their data, without having to draw it out by hand.

    c12 1 0 0.0183903f
    l13 44 32 9f
    r14 44 33 0.0923171 $w=1.8e-07 $l=0.09 $layer=m1_par $X=25.575 $Y=-21.745
    + $X2=25.575 $Y2=-21.655

    Thats just a small sample. I have been able to split all the data up correctly so now I can access every piece of it without problems - huzzah and such. Anyway the problem that I neglected to think would be a big deal is the placement of these objects. As you can see some contain co-ordinates, while some dont. I would like to use these co-ordinates, but how exactly am I going to create these links between those with co-ordinates and those without? Any ideas or alternatives?

    Using the co-ordinates mentioned isnt necessary but would be preferred by the team. Additional problem is the ones without co-ordinates get evaluated first, at the moment just using a while loop, it just happens that they come first in the data file.
  2. NickK


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    Can't you double parse the file - first looking for the reserved locations that have been explicitly mentioned then adding and routing circuit tracks on the second parse?

    Alternatively I'm assuming it will fit in memory and so you can parse once then process it..
  3. RobH


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    Any idea where this data is coming from? It's obviously generated as the output of some other tool, why does that tool only give coordinates to some things?