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Joe Rogan Podcast - Edward Snowden

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by DAIR, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Terminal_Boy


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    Did you mean to post “can triangulate it’s location”?

    Because mobile networks have been able to very accurately plot where any active phone registered on their network is since GSM was rolled out. Depending on the countries and security services concerned, this information could be provided to the security services directly in real time.
  2. Nasher


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    Yep, can I meant :D

    They can see the signal strength to each tower so can work out it's location. The only thing which might throw it off are dead spots. They will know you are in that area but not exactly where.

    I heard about something recently where Russia secretly went over the border in to neighbouring countries and set up GSM towers, which sent out a stronger signal than the local ones. Then they routed calls through their own network to spy on the locals. I guess Snowden didn't mention that one though ;)
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  3. jsmoke


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    I'm mixed on it, he's really of the same ilk as assange I think, maybe you just can't see past his deception?

    He's obviously very clever, makes me feel dumb but that doesn't mean he's a man of good morals.

    Nothing is perfect though. All is tainted by selfishness.

    Interesting that at&t keep every phone record back to 1987.
  4. "andy"


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    highly recommend the documentary citizen four with/about snowden and the NSA snooping

    at first you think ''wow this guys paranoid'' and then as the extent of it all (or what he knows and can prove) unravels it all makes sense.