Joining two home networks - ADSL + Cable...?

18 Oct 2002
Kent, UK
I've just had Virgin 20 Meg broadband installed today, but will also be keeping my Be* ADSL service too. What I would like to do is split the PCs and other networked devices in the house between the two broadband services, but still enable file sharing/printing etc. between all of them.

I don't want anything fancy like load balancing - just some PCs connecting to the internet via the Virgin, and others via Be*

Is such a thing possible? Can anyone share some advice about how to configure this?
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13 Oct 2006
You'll have to manually set the gateway on the PCs/devices to the IP of the router for whichever connection you want them on... you may have to disable DHCP in some cases depending on the setup and give all the devices static IPs by hand to make it work.
13 Sep 2003
OK. Do the two routers need to be set for the same subnet?

Yes, same subnet mask ( and the first three oclets (the parts of the IP address) need to be the same. The rest needs to be unique.

The easiest way would be to decide which connection you want to use on most machines. And leave it well alone. Get you're second router, disable DHCP, set it's ip with the first three octels the same and the last one as 100. Now any machines you want use with the second router set there IP up using 101 onwards with the address for the second router as the default gatway and the DNS server.

If you want to finish the job of properly adjuest the first router so it's DHCP only gives out addresses up to 99 (but I can't see this happening).

If the're both wireless routers, set them up with the same SSID and security key. Make sure they on non clashing channels (which they probably will be if the channel is set to Auto). If not google is you friend.

If you have a machine you want to switch between the two routers use make a batch file that uses the NETSH command. I'm sure someone will give you some pointers if you neeed this.
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