Just like the fambly cat - Grandaddy

2 Sep 2003
Slow down!

The band is splitting up?

Wasn't that big of a wait anyway, the last album was released in 2005 :p, I didn't even know another was in the pipeline.

Either way, I'm listening now. Liking the sound of the first song, it's got a more similar sound to the older albums than Todd Zilla. Thanks for the heads up.
9 Aug 2004
Highlands of Scotland
Yeah they announced they were splitting up around 6 months ago, Jason Lytle is jacking in Californian life & moving off to Montana to do his own thing. Not surprising really when you think about Grandaddy's usual lyrics. Don't think they're even going to be bothering to tour with this album.

Was only going on about the wait because I've been listening to Jeez Louise & Rearview Mirror on Grandaddy's webby for what seems like ages now. Couldn't find any other material from this LP until today. Todd Zilla was a nice little placeholder to keep everything ticking along nicely until this albums release.

Sumday came out in 2003 I think. I'm pretty sure it did, as it was my 1st Christmas with my girlfriend at her folks. Remember putting it on their stereo, sharing a few drinks and the end of the day after we had all listened to a coldplay album the girlfriend had been given, and all that got talked about was how amazing 'Sumday' was. Hip in-laws ain't they the best.

New album cover was a bit of a surprise - very pavementesque. Which is no bad thing as I adorded pavement when they were on the go. Reminds me a lot of westing by musket & sextant's.

Oh yeah nice surprise when I got to the end of the album. The track Shangri La is an ELO cover, I knew Jason listed them an influence on the band. Just didn't realise quite how much. Got the Elo Album it came of up in the attic somewhere.
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