Keeping day to day/artistic/work photos separate on iOS?

4 Aug 2014
Hi all.

I just posted this to reddit, but thought some people here might also be able to help?

There are three types of photos I would like to shoot.
  • Quick snaps - Something random I see I need to send to someone, a picture of a funny sign I'm going to post on Insta, a book I need to remember for later. General everyday life stuff. Minimal editing going on here.

  • Artistic personal photos - I sometimes will want to take nice photos just for the sake of it. It might be a one-off, it might be that I'm on holiday and want to spend some time taking some great shots. I'll likely be editing these a fair bit, and shooting a lot of repetitive images.

  • Work shots - These likely will be a combination of quick and artistic shots. Think of these as photos that are needed for work. Keep in mind, I'm not specifically in the photography business but think general office type work. But sometimes, I'll still need to take some nice promo shots in between hastily taking a photo of a piece of equipment or whatever.
My basic question is - what do you suggest as the best way to shoot/edit/manage/share these types of photos?

I would like to be able to keep browsing of these images separate. I don't want to have pictures of a foot pop up when I'm trying to find a work-related picture for example. The nature of our phones being a one-stop-shop means that for many 'normal' folk, the regular camera app is all that's used. Then, we obviously get into random foot territory very quickly.

I would imagine something like:
  • Quick snaps - Regular camera app + Photos. Very obvious and enables a lot of quick integration with Apple's ecosystem for viewing/managing/sharing content.

  • Artistic personal photos - Halide + Lightroom. More manual control, and provides a separate 'enthusiast' space to work on photos. My only issue is that Halide shots end up automatically back in the Photos app!

  • Work shots - Some... other camera + library app? Would mean I need to remember to open this app/library app, but might be worth it. Would need a quick launch function so I am not digging about to much.
Thoughts and comments welcome. Also interesting to think that Apple's native camera app in some ways with the new set of phones might even be superior to a casual user than Halide and LR for the artistic shots so that potentially throws another spanner in the works.
22 Aug 2005
only thing i can think of is to use albums and put the photos in each album. what you really want is a multiple camera roll option or seomthing. Even better would be if it was geofenced so work photos would get stored when im at work, etc. You can manage all this in photos on the mac more easily
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