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Keeping up to date with industrial business news

Discussion in 'Careers, Employment and Professional Development' started by rubberduck, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. rubberduck


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    I have decided to dedicate 15-20 minutes per day to keeping up to date with business related developments in the sector relevant to my role (chemicals and pharmaceuticals). My role is technology and R&D focused so I have a good understanding of the technical side of things but adding to my business acumen will be important if I want to gain promotion etc. I know 15 minutes per day is not a huge amount but I believe a little goes a long way, especially with discipline.

    Obviously I am aware of the FT, but was wondering if anyone has any additional recommendations where news can be filtered by sector etc. I don't mind paying a subscription, actually I encourage it as I believe paying for a service would make me more disciplined in terms of making the best use of it.

  2. Sudden


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    The Economist? Not sector focused as such, but is business focused and may help in making connections between developments in business generally and your industry? It's also a bit more digestible since it's a weekly publication (though does have something small daily as well). Otherwise, industry specific publications maybe?

    I was told years ago I needed to improve my commercial knowledge and I went and signed up to the FT and Economist. Found it much easier to stick to the Economist (though that's dropped now :p).

    Good for you for doing this :) I think 15 min a day is plenty - the knowledge will build up over time and give you a nice overview of the market.
  3. Marvt74


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    Could just do a Google RSS Feed on a few keywords/companies?

    I have similar on a few of our competitors/activated Carbon along with some countries we manufacture in so i'm aware of local issues etc