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Kolink Stronghold ''2'' Lian-li Dynamic 011

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by MasterOC, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. MasterOC

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    The origional idea upon building the PC was to go with something cheap, functional and with at least some bling ability in the form of tempered glass. I really do not like the traditional ''Gamer'' case and style. I love something simple , elegant and clean without the unessary frills... not exactly the same opinion i have of hardware but the sleeper sort of approach to a case is something i endear to alot. When you spend 700 quid on a GPU though theres only so much left in the kitty to meet demands. This is where KOLINK came in , in the past i had owned a kolink satalite chassis which housed my previous Micro ATX build concisting of an i5 6400 & Inno 3D GTX 1070 , a massivly performing feat for the time, concidering the size of the thing ( Only certain M-ATX boards would even fit ) . So when it came to this time around ( approx a year ago ) i thought of none other than Kolink again , and to my amazement i got just what i was looking for... all for forty notes to. A Clean black faux brushed front with PSU shroud and tempered glass. A Case which was suitably form over function..especially when you add the RGB Ring Fans ( Chinese jobbys )



    Excuse some of the poor quality images , money goes into PC's Not phones.

    The case was clean , and housed a Ryzen 2700 , 16GB Kingston 2666mhz , Asus X470 TUF , Superflower 550w , RTX 2080. Issues with this build are more niggles than issues but never the less it annoyed me , the GPU was constantly up against the thermal limit with little air to breath and regardless of config and arrangment of the system ( Negative , positive and neutral pressure oriantations ) the case limits where clear. 85c peaks in the GPU department are just unaccseptable but decided it would be tollerated.

    Fast forward till only a couple of weeks ago and with a dead CPU tossing everything in the air, incorporate my impatience to wait for RMA turn around times, i decided i'd build another with better base componants, Chassis , PSU and the same RTX GPU. All the old componants and returned CPU would then become my Partners Build. This time with more money in the kitty , id do things a little better.

    For months and months ive admired the Derbauer / lian-li Dynamic 011 , but never managing to pull the trigger. untill the failing CPU pushed me over the edge to do it all again. Hearing amazing things and seeing threads on OCUK and watching Gamers Nexus and others review it over the year enticed me. I Love love love dual chamber Chassis , having owned an AIR 540 and HAF XB in the past this design choice has always given me clean , functional and fairly attractive systems... But WOW nothing has looked as good as this.

    Changing the 2700 , to a 2700x , the 2666mhz ram to 3000mhz , the poor excuse for an x470 board that is the TUF to a moderatly better board in the STRIX-F , and the SF 550w to an EVGA 750w G1+ , Everything felt suitably better for my moniker. If only there was clothing to match,

    And there was...






    Max GPU tempreture under the same conditions peak at 70c in the case's current fan configuration, IMO it looks a hell of a lot nicer and the case is gorgeous with alot of potential changes to come and may house my system for a while to come.
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    well worth ordering some Demciflex filters for the case! your running negative pressure so dust will be drawn in from the back of the main chamber .

    difference is night and day in airflow