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Kyle Rittenhouse - teen who shot three people in Kenosha

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dowie, 29 Aug 2020.

  1. Energize


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    Biden and Harris are an absolutely toe curling duo, they are determined to divide the country along racial lines at all costs.

    Lol that's nothing compared to what he's posted in the Biden thread. :cry:
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  2. Rroff

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    As demonstrated above unfortunately his level of obsequiousness to Biden will quickly turn to petty insults, intentionally misconstruing people's points and other spitefulness.

    If he/she isn't related to Biden or something it is a rather odd level of attachment.
  3. Caracus2k


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    I don't actually think Vince believes what they type half the time.

    It's clear to anyone with even a semblance of intelligence that the positive reactions to this case aren't really about some random now 18 year old from the US.

    What actually happened is that the 'progressives' did their normal thing and lost any sense of decency or common sense when there was a narrative to push.

    The same happened with the infamous Nic Sandman/ Covington Kids case.

    Truth be dammed the narrative was he was a MAGA kid and so must of been in the wrong. Not the black 'Israelites' on video racially abusing kids. Not the crazy old guy that walked right up to Sandman banging his instrument right in his face

    Kenosha/ Rittenshouse you see this was a BLM 'anti racist' protest.

    You know one of those ones the media told you was 'fiery but mostly' peaceful.

    You see so there was a narrative to defend here

    According to this narrative anyone acting against the mob must be a racist white supremacist!

    of course the whole premise of the BLM movement is itself built on lies. Black men get killed at higher rates by the police than other ethnicities in the US because they commit a staggeringly higher rate of violent crime (per capita black men kill at around 12 times the rate of white men and the interracial violent offending rate between blacks and Asians in the US are bad that black on Asian violence is around 280x more common than the reverse.


    So again truth be dammed and the 'progressives' again go after a teenager based on lies and absurd hypocritical positions.

    For example Rittenhouse is symbolic of white supremacy because he shot three white men!

    And isn't it interesting who Rittenhouse ended up having to shoot in self defence at the BLM/ Anti racist 'protest'... the memes pretty much sort themselves out...

    You see the real (and false) narrative to defend is that the people at these BLM / 'Antiracist' protests are actually in the main concerned about a genuine injustice and not just a bunch of often quite white criminal degenerates who are attracted to the socialist BLM message of tearing down the system because it gives them licence to attack people, burn communities to the ground and steal stuff in the meantime.

    The people celebrating Kyle being found guilty are celebrating a blow against the scum media and chattering classes that choose to support the corrupt and often wicked narrative about this case when it was clear from early on that there should be no case to answer

    The narrative was so bad in fact that some verified scum from the chattering class and fake news outlets and were so clueless about what had actually happened that they apparently just assumed Rittenhouse had shot three black men!

    The ***ing bare faced gall it must take to call the people Rittenhouse shot 'anti racist' protestors....
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  4. Acrotomophilia


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  5. FlapR

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    The fact the VP can give her own personal opinion and completely miss the point just shows how **** America is.
  6. One More Solo


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    I think it’s more nuanced than that. For a start, the BLM movement clearly went beyond police killings and became a vehicle for black people to protest about social injustice, racial bias and abuse of police power more generally, even in the US. It’s also not unusual for protest movements to evolve over time, and even move away from what first triggered them as momentum builds. The events that spark them are often just a way to bring similar minded people together rather than the de facto subject.

    Appreciate our views may differ but that’s my opinion.
  7. McBain


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    Glad he got off, it was never going to be a guilty verdict.
  8. Fubsy


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    My first and last post in this thread.

    He didn't "get off". He committed acts in self defence that cost the lives of others. He'll still have to live with that for the rest of his life.

    As for this whole case, the media, the absolute BS bandied about (as illustrated by @Caracus2k above) just made the whole thing turgid and horrible to look at just like the riots, but at the same damn time so damn bloody fascinating yet again - which I guess is why the media just run with it :/
  9. Custor


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    Matthew Dollof to be cheered on very soon for common sense killings.
  10. a1ex2001


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    Sensible post, regardless of the outcome of the trial he made decisions that day that will likely shape the rest of his life, I would be interested to hear from him in 20 years time and see if he wishes he had just satiated home that day.
  11. deuse


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    Biden is very lucky he won't get his ass sued.
    I hope Kyle's family now sue all the leftie media.
  12. deuse


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    That's what the army do!
  13. deuse


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    With Kyle in there.
    What biden posted is actionable.
  14. Demon


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    Amazing to see this from Channel 4, it starts off OKish (just minor bias against rittenhouse), but the second half with the reporter talking to camera is staggeringly biased and contradicts many facts brought out in the case..
  15. deuse


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    You can tell a mile away when the lefties are losing.
    They start calling names like they are in kindergarten.
  16. deuse


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    What biden said is actionable.
    You should really know the law of the state in which it was said.
  17. Tom_ed1987

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    That is shocking tbh. "The mostly white jury" "all victims unarmed"...?!
  18. Freddie1980


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    Might as well try and go after Facebook as well while he's at it. They pretty much banned any threads about Rittenhouse, closed down any groups that were trying to raise funds for his defence fees and any supporter groups got kicked off as well.
  19. JBuk


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    illegally acquired firearm
  20. deuse


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