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Laptop help (Toshiba s1800-400)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kzar, 14 May 2006.

  1. kzar


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    Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I couldn't see a laptop one. Anyway, I am trying to fix my old laptop which is a Toshiba Satalite s1800-400. I am having a problem where the screen keeps flickering off and to make it come back you have to close the screen and open it, but then it flickers off a bit later.

    I don't think I'm the only one with this problem because at the bottem of this thread someone else mentions it but unfortunately there is no solution.

    I have found a guide to dismantling the laptop and on his main page it says which tools you need to take appart laptops generaly but it doesn't say for my laptop specifically.

    Anyway my questions are:
    • What tools do I need to take this laptop appart and where can I buy them?
    • Do you think that its likely the screen problem is due to a loose connection or a different problem?
    • Where can I find out which battery it uses and buy a new one?

    Thanks, David