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Laptop LCD Screen 17.3" - This same model LP173WF4 - different price and build

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by Asmdoeus, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Asmdoeus


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    Before the moderator throws away the thread - I will say: that I did not know whether to give it here or to the monitors. I chose Laptops&Tablets as they are closer to the topic.

    I have a laptop with 17.3" screen and a few days ago he decided to take on a shade of pink and that's how it stayed.

    I disassembled the screen, I wrote down the screen number LP173WF4 (SP) (D1) and went to hunt in the network. And here the problem appeared - well - rather a riddle.
    You can get two types of the same screen - the differences are two:
    One is the position of the inverter / logic board. Screen A has it underneath, while screen B has it at the back.
    The second is the price: Screen A costs ~ £ 50, Screen B is ~ £ 300 (differently, depending on the store but cheaper than £ 150 I did not find)
    There is one more difference - expensive B screens with inverter in the back are always listed as EXACT D1 and not other screens, while low-cost A screens always as - LP173WF4 (SP) (D1) or replacements of known companies matching the model (so there are SP models - F1, F2, F3 etc.).

    Panelook.com does not tell where the dog is buried. The parameters of the screens are the same (well, almost: D)


    Does any of the forum members know what these screens differ? (apart from these two "details")? Do I have to hunt this model for £300 or buy it for £50 and that's it?

    Ah... yep - I have screen B - expensive, logic board at the back - if someone asking :)
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