Latest Ghostscript PDF vulnerability could be the next big breach

1 Nov 2004

Ghostscript is a Postscript and Adobe PDF interpreter that lets users of *nix, Windows, MacOS, and various embedded OSes and platforms view, print, and convert PDFs and image files. It is a default installation in many distros, as well as being used indirectly by other packages to support printing or conversion operations.

Concern abounded at the time, as it has done this week, mainly over the realization of just how prevalent Ghostscript is in modern software. Kroll said Debian 12 had 131 packages that depended on Ghostscript and popular apps like those in the LibreOffice suite also make use of the interpreter.

I've seen people hating on Ghostscript in the past but i didn't realise it was installed by default on so many OSes.
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