leasing a jaguar - cheaper than i thought, or is it?

30 Sep 2009
i'm not thinking of doing this, however, on the motorway by west brom this morning, i saw what i thought was a very competitive ad from stratstone jaguar offering a jaguar xf for lease for 36 months for less than £400 p/m (£398 to be exact) hmm that sounds low i thought, maybe i read it wrong.

so, i've just done a search and it's not wrong. obviously there is a down payment, tax and a mileage limit and i'm not thinking of doing it but it does seem like a very competitve price or is this fair ground for leasing? i'm obviously missing something, so, what's the catch?

Man of Honour
21 Feb 2006
Well that's a business rate so you will need to add VAT to that to get to normal jo public rates for starters, but other than that it seems like a normal relatively cost effective lease rate on a base model executive. All of them are trying to get their cars into the £400-£500 region to get cars registered.
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