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LG C9 pc - gaming and movie settings ?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by MikeLoader, May 13, 2020.

  1. MikeLoader


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    Hello guys!

    Finaly I will be a member of the OLED Club, been waiting forever it feels but right now the C9 - 55 is on the way, and should arrive tomorrow thursday. Im totaly stoked, and cant wait :D

    But wondering about some things. And hope you can help me out :)

    Cant seem to find anything on the net. I will use the Tv for both pc gaming and movies. I only have one pc tho, so how do I set up it the best?

    I know about setting HDMI port to pc mode. But what about when watching movies, and what should NVCP, be set at - RGB vs YUV and stuff like that. Doesent it have to be set at YUV 4.2.2 for HDR movies, or is the regular RBG - as for gaming good enough? Btw, I allways use Kodi watching media from my pc!

    Oh and what about game mode, should I disable that when watching movies?
    Should I use Expert Dark Room (I allways watch in totat darkness- love it) or should I use Cinema mode?

    Should HDMI Ultra Deep Colour, be set to on with every HDMI input ?

    So many questions - sorry guys - but I feel a little lost here, and would like to be a little prepared :)
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  2. Poneros


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  3. MikeLoader


    Joined: Dec 14, 2011

    Posts: 148

    Totaly wonderful. Thanks a lot mate, really appreciated :)

    The thing is, their seems to be so much conflicting information on what to use. Some say RGB and some say, noo YUV is better. No one really seems to know. Crazy how it is really. But I guess with HDMI 2.1 gpu's. RGB 10/12 bit will finaly be possible and the setting to use, for both gaming and movies!

    Oh and btw, the C9 arrived yesterday. Unpacked it and today I will plug it in and finaly see the magic of OLED. Never been so stoked in my life I belive :D