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Lian li O11 Dynamic side fan mounting

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by ATIorNvidia, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. ATIorNvidia

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    I'm having a pretty big problem getting any fans to screw into the side fan mounts without destroying the case.

    https://imgur.com/a/ga2YIu7 Those are what I'm using. Anyway when trying to screw in fans, the chassis around the screw holes and bending/warping inwards even though they have minimal resistance when screwing/uncrewing. Every single row is now very slightly bent inwards although it's not clearly visible in the pics aside from the one in the middle on the right hand side which is significantly bent (that was the first attempt).
    Was willing to just ignore/forget about it but now the fans when mounted there have a really loud drone/vibrating noise, even at low RPMs (for clarity, they're louder at 800RPM in the case than they are at 1800RPM outside of the case) so I guess the structure is badly messed up

    Seems no one else has had this problem, am I SOL?

  2. Doug2507


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    Zero issues on mine. My side fans are push/pull with rad but I'd assume the slots are the same cut as top and btm.

    Fan screws just need a little care when screwing in as the fans not threaded to guide them. Very easy to put them in half cocked. Also need care when lining up the fan holes, I usually put all 4 screws in a thread or two before tightening. If you screw them fully home and the fan is slightly off, the last screw will damage the case.

    Don't have any drone with my fans either regardless of speed.