Lian Li spare accessories

30 Oct 2004
Sacramento, CA, USA
I've got an old Lian Li PC-8N case in black which I bought from OcUK a while ago (I think back in 2009!) and I've moved house two or three times since then - university, then back home, then down here to Cambridge. In this process I've lost all of the screws that came with a case, and I only just realised this halfway through my "back everything up, put in a new hard drive, format & reinstall W7/Linux" day :p

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of any spare screws for the Lian Li cases - specifically the anti-vibration hard-drive screws that come with the PC-8N case. Am I being foolish to assume that all of their cases use the same set of screws? I don't want to get some for another model and then find that they don't fit - I've seen some for the V1000/V2000 series that cost a small fortune for only 10 screws!

Thanks in advance :)