Limited cash starter gaming rig/overclocker?

14 Aug 2006
looking to build my first rig. this is to get me started in overclocking/gamin again, and so what you think ? I will be buying more kit as and when I need it. but I want to know what you guys think?

CP-126-IN Intel Core 2 DUO E6300 "LGA775 Allendale" 1.86GHz (1066FSB) - Retail (CP-126-IN)
£114.99 £114.99
MB-061-GI Gigabyte GA_965P_DS3 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard (MB-061-GI)
£91.99 £91.99
GX-025-BG BFG 3DFuzion GeForce 7600 GT 256MB GDDR3 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-025-BG)
£74.99 £74.99
MY-030-GL GeIL 1GB (2x512MB) PC5300 667MHz Value DDR2 Dual Channel Kit (GX21GB5300DC) (MY-030-GL)
£79.99 £79.99
CA-011-AS Asus TA-5A1 Series Midi Tower (Black) - 350W PSU (CA-011-AS)
£35.95 £35.95
CD-078-SA Samsung SH-S182D 18x18 DVD±RW ReWriter (Black) (CD-078-SA)
£16.95 £16.95
HD-093-SE Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160GB ST3160811AS SATA-II 8MB Cache - OEM (HD-093-SE)
£34.95 £34.95
Subtotal £449.81
Shipping (City Link Parcel Next Day (Saturday Delivery)) £19.95
VAT £82.21
Total £551.97
2 Oct 2004
N.W London
pukka mate...

although you may wanna get the 6400 RAM instead of the 5300.....As it performs better, so I think????

presumably ** going to be overclocking that baby? if yes, you may have troubles with the psu thats fairly may want to think about adding a psu to that as I can foresee power problems..
14 Aug 2006
over clocking yes...but not right away. To begin with I just want to start up the rig, then add in parts as I can afford them.

is it a good base tho? would it be worth (for gaming and graphics) upping the card to an 1800XT as well as changin the memory?

~edit: is it also maybe a good idea to buy cheaper DDR2 RAM just now, and then buy 2 x 1Gig DDR2 good ram when I can afford it, as opposed to buying the good stuff now (2x512) and then buying another (2x512) later? As I think i read that 2x1gig is better than 4x512...