Linksys WMP54G owners - help please. Driver issues!

25 Jul 2006
Linksys WMP54G

Hi, I have a Linksys WMP54G v4.1 (Ralink RT61 chispet) wireless network card and a Linksys WRT54GL router flashed with DD-WRT v23 SP2.

I'm using Windows XP Pro - 32 bit.

Ok, the problem is that my wireless network connection is totally borked. I can barely connect to it. When I do manage the internet is really really slow to use and then the network connection drops soon after. I'm sure its a driver issue for my network card as things worked much better before I started to fiddle. Here is what happened.

When I first started using the card I used the drivers which came on the CD, but occasionally the connection would drop for a few seconds. So I decided to get the latest drivers to see if that improved matters.
The Linksys website doesn't keep its drivers up to date for the chipset, so I searched around the internet and found that Ralink provides their own drivers for the chipsets and many people with this network card using Linux or 64bit windows used these drivers (as Linksys only provides Windows 32bit drivers).

So I decided to download and install the latest Ralink drivers and that is where the problems started. I made a bit of a hash of things - I accidently installed the drivers for the RT2500 chipset originally and the card didn't work. So I then changed to one of the RT61 chipset drivers. Windows seemed to think it was working but I had a dreadful time staying connected to my network (only getting about 40secs or really slow connection then no connection at all).

I've tried about 6 different drivers from the list of Ralink ones but none seem to work properly.

I've now gone back to the original Linksys ones from the CD but even they are giving me the same connection problems now. The internet is practically inaccessable (I'm using a different PC to type this).
The other comp on the network has none of the above issues.

What should I do?
Is the problem caused by having installed so many drivers over and again for the same piece of hardware?
Is anyone with this card using the Ralink drivers? If so what method did you follow to get them installed?
Am I looking at having to format windows and start again?

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