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Liteon M.2 SSD in my laptop is running at 74oC is this normal ?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by justwondering, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. justwondering


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    Hi , I have a clevo gaming laptop it has a standard SSD 2.5 inch 850evo , temps around 29 , but the liteon M2 drive is the one with the operating system on , the temps seem to be high to me at average of 70 degrees in heat .

    The rest of the laptop seems fine heat wise cpu i7 6700HQ tends to idile at around 51 degrees (repasted recently) the graphics a 970m seems to be fine when playing games and the fans on the laptop are working fine (recently cleaned out during re-paste)

    So the M2 Drive running too hot or is that pretty standard for M2 drives to run hot , they tend to be pretty much naked in comparassion to a regular 2.5 inch SSD drive , due to looking mostly barebones in respect of this M2 drive been a board with visable chips onboard.

    Anything to worry about ??