Little program I made to help you manage you're media :)

16 Jan 2012
Hello fellow TV show watchers

I have finally bothered to getting around to making a web page for my folder organisation program I made a while back called Media Folder Manager.

Essentially it lets you mass create folders for you're TV shows without having to keep making a folder for a new season or episode manually.

The reason behind making it was exactly that. I got tired of repeatable having to manually make folders so decided hay I can probably make something to do this for me, and hay presto I did. It's not the most advanced program in the world by any standard but I thought I'd share it with you guys none the less, as It would be pretty awesome to think that I may have made somebody's day easier XD

If you find any problems with it click my name at the bottom of the page and send me up an email and I'll get around to fixing it at some point... he says.

Download is available on my website here for free :):

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