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London Climate Protests

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by crinkleshoes, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. crinkleshoes


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    what the heck are these selfish idiots trying to prove?

    Messing with public transport and bridges in central London for 2 weeks over the Easter holidays?

    What about kids who want to go to museums and other Easter things to do in town.

    All to protest so the government reduces CO2 emissions, a wholly pathetic greenhouse gas?

    When are people going to realise this is a very large cult?

    Proof is in the action... professing to be self aware while acting selfish and unaware. Dramatically increasing CO2 emissions for their protest due to their effects on traffic. Unable to listen to any views that counter their own, even if based in fact.
  2. mid_gen


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    GD is that way ^
  3. Teh_Next

    Perma Banned

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  4. StriderX


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    I don’t really care about them doing it, if they feel they need to, that’s their right.

    It won’t however stop the calamity that is coming, it’s far too late, a better use of the time would be in learning how to survive, especially in giving up your moral compass.
  5. wesimmo


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    Because the point of a protest is to get attention.

    Given there are still people who don't believe climate change or aren't seriously worried about it then there needs to be more done to bring attention to it and educate people.

    In the grand scheme of things, a few hours of traffic delays are insignificant if the long term result is people becoming more aware and changes are made.
  6. Vargas


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    It’s terrible. My 6.0 litre car was stuck in traffic for hours.
  7. Tombstone


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    As usual from the footage I've seen the "protest" seems to consist mainly of the usual suspects who appear at every "protest" about anything, ie. students and the unemployed and the less said the better, about the ********* angst ridden chap on Sky who got up and ran away from the interview the moment something was said that he didn't approve of, thereby dodging any form of debate. Him saying that he refuses to see humanity killed off was laughable, no matter what he does , at some point, humanity will die out. That's reality, could be millions of years away, could be an enormous asteroid hitting us in 1000 years, could be an alien race arriving in 20 years time and wiping us out, reality is that no matter what is done the time will come when we all cease to exist.

    As someone said above..climate change (some of it natural cycle) is here and increasing, nothing that we puny humans can do will reverse it. We may possibly be able to slow it (in the same way that we have accelerated it perhaps) but to think that we can halt or 180 the climatic change of a planet simply shows how arrogant we are as a race. Its King Canute trying to hold back the tide, in larger numbers. Makes the changes that you can as an individual but be entirely prepared to accept the inevitable.

    EDIT : ooh...I didn't realise that the individual form of snow was now a blocked word
  8. XeNoN89


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    Prepared to kick a smelly tree hugger off a train if they disrupt my journey home from work.

    No time for the idiots.
  9. PlacidCasual


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    They in particular were advocating net zero emissions by 2025.

    Which would require every domestic gas boiler, every gas cooker and and every petrol/diesel vehicle to be swapped to electric in the next 6 years. Plus 130,000 offshore windmills. Talk about stretch targets. :eek:
  10. ajf


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    Location: Worcestershire, UK

    Where does all the electricity come from?
    No where near enough produced from non polluting sources, so the problem is still there, even with additional wind energy.
    First we would need to replace all dirty sources, then add extra capacity for all the new electric systems and cars everyone has to get.
    All electric cars do is cut local pollution, they still take ‘dirty’ power to charge, plus batteries are in no way environmentally friendly.
    As we discussed at work last week, with all electric cars around the 2nd hand market would dry up.
    No one likely wants to buy a 6-7 year old EV that needs a new battery pack.
  11. StriderX


    Joined: Mar 18, 2008

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    How very inconvenient, you know what else is inconvenient, a billion refugees, economic depression that never ends, inevitable war.

    But oh **** no not the 2nd hand cars, woe is me, bourgeoisie.

    In seriousness, this isn’t funny.
  12. 200sols


    Joined: Jan 14, 2018

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    Location: Hampshire

    Protest is fair enough, but they just destroy and vandalise things so lose the respect of many.
  13. Mr C


    Joined: Sep 8, 2006

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    Please don't confuse the antics of an extremist group with all climate change protesters. Extinction Rebellion are little more than an extremist group with their only goal being to create anarchy to get as many people arrested "to increase exposure to climate change"

    Almost all the arrests and disruption from this protest are from Extinction Rebellion, genuine protesters are in the allocated space in marble arch doing nothing but protesting peacefully.

    I would put Extinction Rebellion no greater than a bunch of minor terrorists.
  14. String


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    Middle class knobs getting a lifetime's worth of anecdote together during the Easter break. Some will hit the jackpot and get arrested, which in turn will provide a lovely little badge of honour to accompany the anecdote. Straggly haired middle aged cat ladies super gluing their hands to the pavement; Dear God, what a cringe fest.

    Climate change should be taken seriously, but those Berghaus clad morons shouldn't.
  15. lemonkettaz


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    Stereotypical hippyish and studenty type people.

    However the overall message is valid. Just needs a whole world approach, live our lifestyles differently and change our mindsets....

    .... Won't change til it affects bank balances.
  16. Dolph

    Man of Honour

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    Location: Plymouth

    The simple way to determine whether this action is appropriate or not is to look at the action, not the claimed justification, and see if it would be tolerable for any justification.

    In this case, the answer is clearly no. Having failed utterly to convince the public of their points like mature adults who live in a democracy, they resort to abusing the rights of others to make their point. This is not and should never be considered acceptable. The right to protest is not a right to abuse the rights of others.

    This type of action needs to be banned, and those involved punished in proportion to the damage they do to the rights of the majority to go about their lawful business.
  17. thenewoc


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  18. String


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  19. monkentage


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    I've never seen so many middle class white people in one place.
  20. McGray


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    Ban everything. Ban, ban, ban.