looing for new ram and ssd

27 Oct 2012
hey guys, so just a couple of questions. i am on a tight budget so looking for the best of what i can afford which isn't much lol. i most likely wont be getting the SSD straight away, but too the questions anyway.

1. out of these 2 rams which would you go for? or are they both pretty much the same?

2. is it best to get the bigger drive or the smaller drive at the same price? the only thing i can think is that maybe the smaller drive is faster thats why its more expensive?

obviously other recommendations of around this kind of price would be appreciated

thanks for any advice and i hope this link works lol

My basket at Overclockers UK:
Total: £323.62 (includes shipping: £8.70)
23 Mar 2011
West Side
Iam not really a computer guy. I have a ab350 gaming 3 motherboard. I guess that doesn't support it so the standered one would be best ?
It does support the m2 drive sugested above as long as you dont already have one already as there is only one slot for the m2.
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