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Looking for a card to run 3 monitors

27 Jan 2012
i am looking for a Garc to Run 3 24" Samsung LED monitors

2 have HMDI and the other has DVI / VGA

i need this for work and Not gaming so please keep that in mind
I am not a gamer just a hard worker looking to get the best form my system

at the moment i use the following
Intel i5 CPU
12Gb Ram
1 * 256 GB SSD (Boot Drive)
2 * 2TB 7200 rpm drives (not sure on the make)

ATI Radion HD 5450 1GB(Clone)

I need to be able to run all 3 at the same time

any help / advice would be cool
10 Jun 2010
I do the exact same thing. I'm using my old HD3870 with a new 5450 I just bought. However I'm getting the "display driver stopped responding" message a lot!! Since I installed the 5450 two days ago.

Maybe you could get lucky and install two new 5450's and see how it goes. Perhaps it's due to me using different versions 3xxx and 5xxx. Anyway it works fine for three monitors. All three are hooked up with DVI.
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