Looking for train simulator with loads of North American routes (USA, Canada)

17 Apr 2006
3rd rock...
Hey guys so after years of scooting about the skies in FSX I think the train-sim bug has bitten me.


But I only have an interest in the heavy-haulin freight trains of America & Canada. Like BNSF etc. I just like the scenery in that part of the world and would personally enjoy chugging through passes in the Rockies much more than taking people to work to Brighton. No interest @ all in UK or European routes.

Keeping this in mind after a lot of Googling Ive narrowed things down to just one game: Train Simulator 2013


How good is this game, if you have it could you post your thoughts? Also I notice Amazon has it but should I just get it on Steam as from some of the reviews on Amazon the DVD is just a "ticket" to a massive Steam download. I've never bought anything on Steam aha and this might be the first.

Would be great to hear what you lot have to say about this - specially if you have any of the North America Expansions

Thanks loads :D
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