Looking some advice for missing components for a white build

13 Jun 2009
Northern Ireland
Hi all, as always thanks for your time and expertise.

I have purchased a 5600x which is getting delivered this weekend. I am not in any major rush and given GPU demand and mining uptake again im optimistic about having that for a while, my 2013 R295 will have to suffice for now lol. I don't have a budget per say; but i want a 'mid-range rig' so a 3080 or so is the most i'd be willing to spend on, components to go well with something of that grade

I would be keen on seeing some ideas that you may have for a white build, here is what I am currently thinking below; I already have the 5600x and absolutely nothing else.

I plan to use it for software development (modest concurrency etc) and gaming a little.

CPU: 5600x
GPU: Unsure (should I go AMD GPU to couple with the cpu?)
Case: Corsair 220T (white)
PSU: Thinking RM750x corsair (white - is this overkill; if I had a 3080 or the likes, needs to be modular)
M2: Need something PCI-4.0 and pretty speedy! (White??) 1TB ideally
Motherboard: Im thinking saving a few pennies and go B550? (White? optimistic in finding that!) needs wifi and bluetooth and m2 PCI-4.0
Ram: Corsair Ballistix (White - 3600 CL16) 16GB

Thanks again; brainstorming / googling for ideas tonight so any advice is greatly appreciated
15 Nov 2018
Just added to my watch list Simon, I'm in a similar situation - also just managed to get hold of a 5600x and am in the market for pretty much a full new system except I'll be transferring my Vega 56 over from my current rig
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