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Lose the DVD / Blu Ray Burner?

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by jiw2033, May 13, 2017.

  1. TheVoice


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    I still use mine for ripping CDs I buy, but that's about it. When I build a new PC soon it won't have one and I'll get a cheapy USB one instead.
  2. Bugbait


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    I encountered the same dilemma recently when I upgraded my PC internals. I kept my DVD and Bluray drives but only because I was too lazy to remove them....yeah, I'm that bad. If I removed them then I'd feel the urge to move the Aquaero stuff down a few bays which was too much overall effort. None of my other 3 PCs have internal optical drives though. Have a couple of external ones which also rarely get used.
  3. NeverWinter


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    Recently changed my case to a Define S, lost the drive. Haven't actually used it for about 3 years anyway!
  4. AthlonXP1800

    Wise Guy

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    I have both Blu-ray internal drive and USB Blu-ray external drive used for my Dell Inspiron 1735 laptop.

    I noticed new thin laptops do not have DVD drive, it is good idea to get 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray USB drive as there are now many new Tempered Glass cases did not have 5.25 drive bays. It very difficult to find a tempered glass case with 1 5.25 drive bay I like.

    Very glad I still got Blu-ray drive to watch Blu-ray movies and backup files I don't used long time as my current 4TB WD Blue with 2 2TB partitions one used for games and other for data storage. Games partition now have 100GB left so I have to move files from download folder to Blu-ray discs to free up space for Final Fantasy XV which will require over 155GB space, also over 20GB space for Far Cry 5 and probably another over 20GB space for Far Cry 3: Classic Edition.

    Wish WD make cheaper quiet 8TB or 10TB 5400RPM Blue hard drive, no way hell I can afford ridiculous £200 for 6TB or £400 for a 10TB hard drive.
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  5. feck199


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    I forgot I even had a DVD drive in one of my computers, for years i've used an external drive from zalman that includes a virtual cd drive. Just drop the ISO's and boot as if you have a CD/DVD drive.

    There is a certain joy at installing servers at work and systems at home from an SSD. Install times of centos are a couple of minutes normally.
  6. HeX


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    Haven't had an optical drive in years and years. I think I have a USB DVD-RW in a cupboard somewhere still in a box just incase, never used it...