Low power consumption gaming machine?

1 Aug 2010
I was just wondering how feasable a low power gaming machine would be without having to sacrifice performance.

Ive been looking into spending a load on a new PC but my concern is power consumption, you may say that if you can afford to spend a couple of thousand on a PC then you can afford the electric to run it and you may be right but that is no excuse just to burn electricity like there is no tomorrow.

My current pc is Q8200, GT240, couple of SATA2 hdds, 530W PSU, fans, peripherals and the like and it uses about 350W.

Is it possible to get better performance for the same or less amount of power consumption without resorting to laptops?
1 Mar 2010
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Panel monitors use between 25 and 60W, LED ones tend to be less. passive cooling will maybe knock up to 30-40W off having just a processor fan. Using low power settings for the CPU, ramping up when loaded, my CPU takes 40W at idle, 140W at load. Disable unused peripherals, ports etc. may save a few watts. Two memory sticks instead of four, hard drives tend to use the same power irrespective of capacity. Size the PSU to work at 30 to 40% load max to reduce heat.

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12 Jul 2005
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I cannot see how your pc uses 350w. Mine is higher specced than yours, has the cpu and GPU overclocked and overvolted yet only draws a max of 320w at the wall and even then only if i run Fur stability test and prime at the same time.
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