Major help required!

18 Oct 2002
Our MD at work has managed to sign our telecommunications to another company - meaning our mobiles, internal phones, and business broadband are in the process of being changed to another company.

Is there ANY way that this could be prevented from happening - well, the internal/mobile phones aren't a huge issue, but if our Business ADSL line gets changed, it's "end of the world" stuff - all our remote connections to sites will need reconfiguring (which we use daily), all our IP addresses will change etc.

Any legal loopholes we can jump through - the damage this will cause if it goes ahead will be untold, and I dread to think the amount of work required by us, too....
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30 Jun 2005
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Doesn't the DSR cooling off period still apply if the service has not commenced??
Assuming it was distance sold.

Not for business...

You can cancel quite easily but you could (likely will) be liable to pay off the full contract length. Tried just calling them and explained you can't move the broadband at present due to having the IPs configured on equipment? I mean just ask nicely rather than look at the legal options?
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