Marvel's Iron Fist

24 Jul 2003
South East Coast
I want to like the look of this as Kung Fu yay but I dunno, the main guy just doesn't look the part to me (the tattoo at the end looks terrible imo) but I am hoping to be proved wrong as Netflix cast very well.

Luke Cage was a bit disappointing but mainly due to the villains, hopefully this is as good as DD and JJ in that department.

It was also announced at Comic Con that Sigourney Weaver is the villain for the Defenders! I don't think there is a line with movies and streaming TV shows/HBO now. Just as much talent and the budgets going up and up.
17 Apr 2009
I'm looking forward to it. Kinda going on blind faith for now though - the trailer doesn't look great.

Loved Daredevil. Thought JJ was okay (good villain, decent story, got a bit dull toward the end) and Luke Cage was decent (Diamondback aside - total letdown there). Hopefully the Netflix team keep the high standard going. At this stage, I'm looking forward to The Punisher more TBH.
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