Maybe dipping my toe into the murky world of water cooling ....

9 Dec 2006

I'm building myself a new machine early next month. I've worked out what I want and will probably go with air cooling for the processor.


I am tempted to try the new Corsair H50 closed loop water cooling system.

I am afraid to on several counts...
1) Will the pump get noisier as it gets older.
2) What happens if the pump fails - with air cooling the cooler will act as a passive cooler if the fan fails so there should still be some cooling and no catastrophic temp rise, with the H50 if the pump fails is there any passive cooling effect?
3) The thing is only guaranteed for two years. I tend to keep my kit running one way or another much longer than this.
4) Leaks - perhaps not initially but as the cooler gets older I am afraid the thing will start leaking and do a lot of expensive damage.
5) If I bought one should I just expect to replace it after 2 years

What do you think please....
18 Oct 2002
New Eltham, London
Too early to say if they will be reliable. My personal opinion is that the pump is too important to trust to something so cheap so go custom, get a Laing-based pump and do it properly.

You get what you pay for...
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