Mayhems Blitz Kit Help: Water White After 5 Drains?

27 Sep 2010
Ok please if anyone can help this is getting frustrating. So I used the Mayhems Blitz kit done part 1 according to the instructions provided with the kit, know the annoying part is PART 2 where you have to add part 2 to distilled water and run the system for 12 to 24 hours continuously (which I have done.) After this you have to drain it out and put just distilled water 3 more times letting the system run 1 hour each time, know I have drained the water out 5 times and put distilled water for the 6th time and the water is still turning white straight away??? I mean how many times do I have to do this to get the water clear I mean obviously that white water is foam that is still in there.
28 Dec 2017
Are you fully draining the loop each time? My loop had a few areas that tend to hold onto liquid, I'd say about 200ml of a 1.1l loop tends to get stuck in there unless I disassemble it.
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