Mega Mash - Shooter/Action/Platformer Game Flash Retro ( INDIE )

8 Sep 2006
On Ocuk
Mega Mash starts off simply enough with Carrot Story, a very Mario-esque platform game where you hop around, eat carrots, and stomp enemies. When you reach the end, you cross a fuzzy barrier and glitch into Xolstar 3, a space shmup. Shoot some asteroids for a bit and you're back to Carrot Story. Then, you could end up in the Bomberman clone Blast-man Joe, grapple around some buildings in Ninja, or get thrown into a game of Nitrometris. It's usually fairly obvious which genre you'll play when you see the foamy barrier, and you can hop in or out as easily as you can press a button on the keyboard.
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