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Memory Overclocking Timings - Squeezing a bit more out of this?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by JCLDJB, Jan 11, 2019.



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    Hi guys, I could use some Memory overclocking tips/pointers/guidance please.

    Ryzen 1600 | B350 STRIX system (signature)

    2x8Gb of Corsair Vengeance: 2400Mhz | CL16 | 1.2v

    Overclocked to: 2933Mhz | CL18 (18-18-18-54-72-1T) | 1.35v

    I am trying to attack higher frequencies AND lower timings as my Ryzen 1600 CPU can already hold 4Ghz @1.32v..so I am happy with that (for now).

    My 'impossible goal' I've set myself is 3,200Mhz, hopefully under CL18.

    Currently I cannot get higher Frequencies than 2933Mhz (I read somewhere that changing 1T -> 2T can help with higher frequencies with overclocking, but is this actually true? Has anyone had the experience with that?)

    Keeping my 2933Mhz 1.35v OC for now, I've attempted to insert original mem timings (CL16) at that Frequency but (no post).

    Therefore I was either thinking of attempting CL17 or further refining my (18-18-18-54-72-1T) timings, specifically my tRAS of 54, I think I can get that lower still, but..I dunno...

    I've also dabbled with the Ohm's on this system, in the past, but not this time - is it really worth going there?

    How would you suggest I approach these challenges?

    I am more than happy to spend many more hours figuring out stuff myself.

    However, sometimes it really does help to have another overclocker's perspective on how to approach things.

    I'm all ears...thanks in advance.



    Joined: Jan 9, 2019

    Posts: 75

    Should I have posted this in the Memory Subforum instead?

    (I came here cuz Overclock3d are usually dead/slow to respond and Tomshardware are full of random people who for the most part haven't got a clue of what they're talking about, and are sure of it!...)

    Thought I could get some support from some of the OC'ers on here.. :'(
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