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Memory Rank in Dual Channel Configurations

Discussion in 'Memory' started by spirits247, 26 Jan 2019.

  1. spirits247


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    Although it only makes a minute performance difference, I was just trying to get my head around memory ranks.

    In a 2-slot dual channel motherboard, 2 x dual rank sticks allows interleaving on each stick so is therefore faster than 2 x single rank sticks.

    In a 4-slot motherboard, 4 x dual rank sticks (8 ranks interleaving) would be faster than 4 x single rank sticks (4 ranks interleaving).

    But in the same 4-slot motherboard, what happens when you mix 2 x dual rank sticks with 2 x single rank sticks? It will of course be dual channel still if both channels are populated with equal size, however in terms of rank interleaving:

    1. Do the dual rank sticks act as single rank and you get 4 ranks interleaving.
    2. Do we get 6 ranks interleaving?

    Again I know the performance difference will be small but just wondered how it worked.
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