Memtest86+ - not as good as 'MemTest'?

27 Dec 2004
So, I've been having problems related to file corruption and crashing for the past two or 3 months. Very frustrating, and I couldn't quite suss what it was. Everything suggested it was RAM, yet Memtest86+ could never find anything wrong (and I tested for many, many hours, using both sticks together and seperately in the same slot, etc).

Prime95/SP2004 was more useful, but it was still somewhat vague. For example, I could run blend test for hours and nothing would occur, then I could run it again the next day and it would fail almost immediately:

Error message doesn't exactly say 'omg your RAM is duff' either. Anyway, got a program called 'MemTest' from that runs under Windows instead. Tested each stick seperately as before, only set a small amount of RAM (350 meg of a 1024 stick). First stick was left for a while, nothing found, switched to other stick (all the time using the same DDR slot) and got repeated errors within 2-3 seconds of starting test! Couldn't quite believe it. Rebooted, tried test again, exactly the same thing - instantly found errors. Switch back to other stick, no errors. :confused:

Anyway, I'm not bashing Memtest86+. It's a useful program obviously, but don't take its results for gospel like I rather stupidly did, else you can potentially waste a hell of a lot of your time thinking it's something else. I'd strongly recommend you use the windows app mentioned above too if you can.
3 May 2006
Memtest 86 is a useful tool when overclocking to ensure you have some basic system stability. Usually 10 or so loops of test5 means you can boot to windows without nuking your OS.
Windows memtest/SP2004/Orthos are much better tests for overall system stability however. Little 3d at the same time doesn't hurt either.
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