Mesh, powerlines or go back to Sky?

21 Sep 2003
So I had a 200Mbps Virgin line installed yesterday with a Hub 3 (which I gather is pretty terrible?) and whilst speed in the same room as the router is good, everywhere else is way below what I would expect.

I live in a 3-floor townhouse but the speed/ping is pretty inconsistent around the house and especially up in bedroom on the top floor (where I work from home). I've spent the past 24 hours running a lot of Speedtests and trying to read about mesh systems to understand if they would provide a more consistent speed throughout the house and I'm still actually not sure, so I need some help.

Cabling is not an option unfortunately as it's a rented home so drilling is a no-no, so it will have to be another solution. Budget is also an issue, so an Orbi system is out of range, for example. I was looking at the Tenda Nove MW5 and the TP Link Deco S4 which can be had for around £100, but I don't know if they will actually improve things and then I've started looking at powerlines again, but I don't really know if they would work either.

Basically, this is all over my head so I don't really know the pros & cons of each system - I just want good wifi coverage across the whole house (and I guess by 'good' I would expect at least 100+ in every room from a 200Mbps line).

Can somebody please explain what I should be looking at and why?


Edit: Forgot to say that this was coming from Sky and there are 2 Sky Q mini boxes around the house and I understand they created a mesh network, which is why the speed would've been quite consistent with them - and why I'm noticing it isn't now. I'm in the cooling-off period so if I'm unlikely to get better, consistent speeds then I can always cancel and go back to the slower but more stable 50Mbps Sky line. Though I really don't want to have to do that.

Edit of an edit: I should also say, this is a new-build house (only 3 years old) if that is likely to infer more stable wiring for powerlines to enter the conversation (though it wasn't exactly built to a high standard).
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