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MFD Navi-G in a Mk4 Golf - rear speakers.

Discussion in 'Motors' started by csmager, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. csmager


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    Just replaced my VW Beta Head Unit and Single CD player (with a bust display and a buzzing problem respectively) with a VW MFG Navi-G. So now I've got a more powerful amp, a 5" LCD display and, more importantly, Sat Nav. Works quite well, actually.

    I tried out the fader function while messing with all the settings, and to my surprise, the rear speakers didn't work. So I unplugged it and put the Beta back in. They still didn't work. After much messing about, I finally came to the realisation that the reason the rear speakers weren't working is that I didn't have any rear speakers to work in the first place. The Speaker connector is empty on 2 out of the 4 pairs, and there's nothing behind the grilles. Evidently having not sat in the back much, I hadn't noticed. The Beta only supports 2 speakers, apparently.

    So my question is: Is it worth getting some rear speakers? I could probably find some cheaply on eBay. Secondly, are they likely to be easy to fit, and should I try and bodge the wiring or buy the official VW install kit for ~£80 (apparently!).
  2. k3v

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    i wouldnt bother unless you sit in the back much!
    A lot of the pro's only use front speakers and a sub for sound quality sound offs.
    The speakers themselves are easy to fit, the wiring may be more difficult if there isnt any there