Michael Meacher enters Labour leader race

4 Aug 2003
Veteran MP and former minister Michael Meacher has launched a challenge to Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership
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Announcing his intention to stand on Thursday, he said: "We need a new foreign policy which is based on fundamental British interests, not subservience to the US. "It is not sustainable to continue as America's glove puppet."
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He has said there had to be "proper debate" about Trident, if not a referendum on the issue. BBC Link
He has absolutely no chance, since he will split the traditional Labour vote with John McDonnell, but at least it will encourage Brown to make some sort of a policy statement. All we need now is some rabid Bliarite like David Miliband or John Reid to join the contest.
26 Sep 2006
West Bridgford
If you were going to stand against Gordon Brown, those are two topics that (a) you could get most of the labour party to agree with you on, and (b) Gordon Brown would find it difficult to argue the opposing few, as he is in a (the?) prominent cabinet position and would have a chance to do something about it in his current job.
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