Mid Tower ATX for Arctic Liquid ii 280

23 May 2008
Hi Everyone,

About to put together an upgrade from a i5 2500k to 5600x however need a new case.
Currently case is a 16 year old Lian Li PC6002 from Maplin...

Was thinking of getting the Arctic Liquid Ii 280 and due to the thickness of the radiator + fan can cause issues.
However, I'd you think it is overkill for a 5600x happy to stick with a decent air cooler.

Not interested in LED flashiness and not keen on windowed cases - nobody else would see it other than me.

In terms of drives have a couple of Mvne drives, a couple of 2.5 inch SSDs and a couple 3.5 spinning rust.
Do have some 5.25 devices (Blu Ray and DLT2 tape drive) but not used much and will look for a decent external enclosure with eSATA.

Current graphics card is a short 1060 so shouldn't cause any fitting issues and have existing Corsair HX PSU.

Current case size is 450mm H x 210mm W x 492mm D. Could go a bit bigger but not too much.

Price range - probably looking in the up to £100 range but could go higher for the right case.
All advice gratefully received
10 Apr 2015
Hungerford, UK, Earth
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