Mixing and matching RAM

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26 May 2012
@itm anything that stresses the IMC and RAM
to be honest, gaming is the least of the worries. you crash a game, fine...no big deal, it's just for leisure
you crash/corrupt your work files...bigger deal

doomsaying aside, on balance i would probably guess that your 2700x will be able to run 64gb (2x32gb) of ram at stock settings as the cpu is rated to do so
this will be dual channel, double rank, 2 of 4
but because you will be running your memclk at a slower speed, your memory controller and infinity fabric speeds will also be lower to keep them in sync = slower performance from the 2700x

see: https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/ryzen_7/2700x

Memory Configurations
Dual Channel	Single Rank	2 of 2	DDR4-2933*
						2 of 4	DDR4-2933*
						4 of 4	DDR4-2133
			Double Rank	2 of 2	DDR4-2667
						2 of 4	DDR4-2400
						4 of 4	DDR4-1866

ps: the 2700x also only officially supports up to 64gb ram
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