MK3 Golf - 1.8 engine guru's (aka calling Llyr!)

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18 Oct 2002
Fellow forum'ites :D
Im due to receive a car into my garage in need of a new sunroof and some work on the engine.
Wouldnt normally take this on, but its a friend at work and a) shes hot, b) shes into cars and c) she looks a bit like Angie in the original Tomb Raider movie!! :eek:
Anyway - it looks like we have sourced a complete sunroof unit for her one thats broken a clip, which just leaves the engine to be sorted, its been to a couple of cowboys (and now its coming to me LOL!!), so while im going through the top end I wondered a) if anyone can point me in the direction of any resources for a MK3 1.8 carb engine and b) if there is anything cheap and cheerfull that I could do whilst its in bits? (uprated carb / manifold, port work etc...but nothing OTT - shes looking for the std look but running better)
Had tried to get her to go for a GTI version whilst the engine is out - but she wants to stay with this, and wont sell the car as she 'loves' it!!
Muchos Brownie points for me if I can get this going / running right!!
Cheers :D



25 Oct 2002
I have a spare 20V Turbo engine in the garage! :p

Dont know much about 1.8 mk3s sorry! If the head is coming off I'd match the manifolds to the ports. You could probably fit a 2.0 bottom end, but that's loads of work for very little reward for you! ;)

I do have a mk3 haynes manual here for my current project so any info you need from that give me a shout.