Monitors go back for a few seconds, then restart and whole PC is weird.

18 Feb 2021
It happens whenever- normally when I close an editing program.
My monitors go black, and when everything comes back all of the peripherals (mouse, headset, etc) are re-detected.
Has anyone got a clue what part could be causing this?
Got the PC this Christmas, unsure on why it's already playing up :/
24 May 2006
Surrey - UK
Monitors plural? If the issue carries across multiple screens and presumably cables(because more than one screen) it at least rules those out(presumably). Next in line is the GPU, before the motherboard.

If you're buying / receiving a prebuilt sytem, then i'd have to assume you really don't want to be pulling it apart and fiddling with things, but that's the natural next step for isolating the issue (outside of taking it to a repair shop).

Could be something as simple as a grounding issue, but really you need to get the hardware outside the case and work from the ground up, basics, CPU/Memory/GPU(if no onboard) and remove other variables (the case being one of them).

My gut says there's a weird short of some kind, or a problematic USB device causing issues.
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