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Motherboard or PSU fault?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mark90gizmo, 1 May 2009.

  1. mark90gizmo


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    Edit: I solved the problem by removing the RAM and trying each stick at a time, it worked. Problem = RAM.


    I have a dell computer which is broken, when I turn on the computer, the power LED flashes amber, and the motherboard "AUX PWR LED" is steady amber. I have tried taking all unnecessary parts out of the computer, but still same results.

    I done some research and found out a steady/blinking amber means there is a power fault, but I cannot work out if the PSU or motherboard is broken.

    I do not want to buy a part which will not fix the problem and waste money, any ideas on what it would be?


    Summary of info

    Fans power up

    Power LED on motherboard labeled "AUX PWR LED" stays steady amber.

    Power LED button on case blinks amber.

    When I plug the power supply into the mains it automatically powers up the computer without the need to push the power button on the case.

    There may not be enough information here to find the problem, I will try my best to provide you any missing information you request - but please keep in mind I do not have any tools, such as a PSU tester.
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  2. RJC


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    Is it possible to borrow or test your current psu in/from another machine.
    Last pc I looked at when this happened the psu and motherboard were both u/s.