MPC build suggestions

25 Oct 2005
Morning guys,

Wondered if anyone wanted to fire a few build ideas at this thread for a small media PC i would like to build.

The only thing it will be used for is playback of 720 and 1080p movies over a GB LAN, or from an on-board hard disk if i copied them to it before playback.

Goals for this are:

Small (to go on TV cabinet next to sky box)
Quiet (dont want noise detracting from the film)
HDMI video out (to plug straight in to back of Panasonic plasma)
HDMI audio out (no amp on this TV at the moment)

This machine will not be used for games, and not interested in a TV card or anything like that. Pure and simple .mkv movie playback is all i want. Not even bothered about running windows media player or anything, media player classic would be fine. Dont need OS - have access to W7home/pro/ultimate).

Obviously id like the movie playback to be smooth as well, it shouldn't have any hassle with 1080p movies. Cuba or ATI equiv accelerated or something would be nice.

A windows remote control would be nice, but a cheap keyboard/mouse or combo would be just as fine.

Budget to begin with is about £300-£400 but i can go higher if thats unrealistic.

Id like to buy from ocuk, so all parts need to be in stock etc.

Any suggestions to get ball rolling would be good!

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