MS Teams - How do you invite all members of a team group to a meeting?

4 Feb 2004
Fife, Scotland
I know it might be an obvious sounding question to those who use Teams regularly, but I want to invite all members of a Teams Group to an online meeting. So I have got to this screen where it has a field 'Add Required Attendees'. Do I need to add all the team members names individually to that or do I leave it blank and it will send out the meeting invite to the entire group? It seems strange if you want to invite the entire group you need to add them all one at a time?

Screenshot below:-

5 Mar 2010
Not sure what that is? :confused:

Public distribution list, used mainly in outlook/exchange where you have a group email address and members of a team are added to it.

It means if you need to send an email to your team you can just email [email protected] rather than listing all the individual email addresses.

Works the same for a teams meeting, so I'd send one out to my team using the pdl and the invite then goes to each member of the team.
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