MSI B550I Alternative Backplate

1 Jan 2021
Parts for my new rig just arrived, started putting it together and noticed that the MSI B550I Gaming Edge WiFi board has a backplate with three holes, there are a couple of protruding components for which the upper and lower holes allow things not to be squished.

I started to get nervous so did a search on Noctua's site for compatibility with the chosen non-stock cooler, NH-L9a-AM4. It showed compatible only with 4 x NM-APS3 spacers, the article here says they should be bundled from April 2013.. only got mine yesterday from OCUK and I don't have any. Doh, guess there was a lot of old stock of these.

I've reached out to Noctua but the way things are at the moment I'm probably looking at couple of week delay to receive them :( Does anyone here have any they never used? happy to pay for postage plus a tip ;-)
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