MSI Neo2 FR controlling fan speed

5 Aug 2006
Doddington, Kent
Just getting to grips with my new MSI P35 Neo2 FR. A very nice board it seems so far, except i can't get it to control fan speeds.
I'm using speedfan (v. 4.34). I can read the fan speed of CPUFan, SysFan1. And I can control the speed of SysFan1, but nothing else. Not even when I was using the intel stock cooler with 4-pin connector. The Tuniq Tower (that is pretty loud) I now have in has only a 3-pin connector, but the mobo won't let me control the speed of its fan, not in the bios nor using Speedfan.
Very annoying.:mad:

I have a front panel fan controller which I might have to resort to. Was hoping to avoid it though as its got stupid blue lights all over it.

Anyone got any other ideas? Do you think they will bring out a new BIOS that will allow full control of fan speeds?
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