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Msi R9 270x screen flickering

11 Mar 2014
Chesterton,Sunny Stoke
Hi guys im so helping someone can help..Ive had a Msi R9 270x gaming ed 2GB card for only a couple of months..and i get screen Artifacts on Some not all games.Its often like a flashing black and white chess board.My temps are fine my PSU is a corsair 650TX ,ive seen that it is maybe a common problem with R9 cards of all makes..my MB,VGA,and ATI drivers are all upto date..any ideas or should i just take it back to Overclockers (i only live 10 mins away from their warehouse) Any help would be greatly appreciated..Thank you
26 Jan 2009
Any updates on what you did with regards to this issue?

I'm experiencing the same thing and am just in the process of RMA'ing my R9 270X.

On a related note, is anyone able to tell me what happens if Overclockers fail to replicate the artifacts at their end? Is the card simply returned and you lose the delivery fees incurred during the process?