MSI x570 Ace wont boot after running for a while

6 Apr 2010
Ludlow Shropshire
My MSI x570 Ace motherboard is playing up once it has been running for a while and on one occasion has even shut itself down.
Power is getting to the board because the onboard power button is lit up but pressing it does not initialise start up. Neither does pressing the case power button. It only seems to restart after a "cooling down" period.
I am pretty certain it is a motherboard fault but wondered if anyone else has any experience with this board/problem.
22 Sep 2006
I have had PC shutdown/reboot due to faulty PSU, try booting to BIOS and stay there for quite awhile, see if it stays stable, if so could be a power option issue in Windows once it boots up, otherwise you have to rule out PSU and motherboard by changing them.

Sometimes you just have to rule out obvious hardware.

One last point I presume temps are fine on cpu etc?
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