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Msi z170 plus sli

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by kiel367, 5 Jan 2019.

  1. kiel367

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    Looking to grab an nvme ssd for my board, and iv been looking at the 970 evo polaris, can anyone confirm a few things for me if possible?

    1. is it compatible
    2. ok to use as boot drive?
    3. is it advisable to put a heat-sink on them? (heard a few stories about them getting hot)

  2. P4Clock

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    1, Yes
    2, Yes
    3, if your m.2 slot is sitting under the GPU or if you will be Doing storage heavy tasks YES. if just day to day stuff and gaming then NO

    you will need to do a fresh install of windows, and not just a clone

    1, Disable Compatibility Support Module in BIOS (under your boot settings).
    2, Launch the windows installer in UEFI mode. On the boot menu, it will look like "UEFI: Flashdrivename"

    However if your just doing day to day stuff on you pc you will feels 0% gains in speed from nvme, and it could come with a ton of problems.
    Some supported board decide they just dont want to work with nvme, some time you need to boot cycle to get the drive to pick up... ect...