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My first new monitor in 9 years, please help me pick one.

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Gwyndster, 25 Aug 2020.

  1. Gwyndster


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    Hi All.

    I've got a late 2017 Overclockers' Gladiator
    Specs are as follows.
    8700K @ 4.9GHz | Asus Strix Z370-F | 2x8GB Team Nighthawk RGB 3200 | Asus GTX 1070 |

    Currently I'm running that set-up into a 2011 Asus 24" 1080p monitor - yes I know it's overkill for the monitor. I was bought a Samsung 32" 4K Curved monitor to replace it by my better half - but it arrived damaged, and after returning it, we never got around to replacing it.

    So, having not actually had a new monitor in almost 9 years, and not even getting to try out the Samsung - I'm to put it mildly 'behind the times.'

    Therefore I have questions, unfortunately, probably a lot of them - sorry.

    1: Lets start with setup, I have an 'office desk' similar to this:


    (Hope that image link's okay, I couldn't find a rule regarding imagehosts)

    And currently I'm roughly 90cm from my monitor, which is positioned diagonally in the left-hand corner.

    2: Budget:

    I have £500 as a 'starting figure' which I could, if absolutely necessary, stretch to £750 - I wouldn't like to go beyond that, as 'the boss' may not be happy with me.

    3: Size

    I was working on getting 32" 16:9 and 4K resolution.

    However, I've seen a lot of discussions on here about the advantages of 21:9 and 32:9 monitors - most of my gaming is strategy, such as Civ VI, not FPS - would I gain from going 'wider'?

    4: Refresh Rate.

    Honestly, on this one, I'm lost - I don't even know what my graphics card supports. The Nvidia site only says:
    Maximum Digital Resolution
    [email protected]

    5: Eye Care/Blue Light Reduction/Flicker-free?

    What, what, and what - and do I need any of them?
    I have what's best described as 'poor-eyesight' so anything the helps prevent it getting worse is probably a good thing?

    6: Cables.

    Presumably I need DisplayPort, and the cable will come with the monitor? - if not please advise what I should be looking for.

    So yes, lots of questions, and hopefully, you can help me, at the very least, narrow down my choices.

    Thanks a lot in advance.